Saturday, December 15, 2007

Did Calvin Hold to the Doctrine of Limited Atonement?

Dr. Roger Nicole (link to theopedia entry) explains that Calvin did in this interesting article (link). He's a visiting professor Reformed Theological Seminary. He's identified as an expert (and his work recommend) on Amyraut by Prof. John Frame (link).



Albert said...


Is Roger Nicole a supporter of egalitarianism (as opposed to complementarianism)? i think he is. When I went to the theopedia link you provided, I found the following article available from the website of "Christians for Biblical Equality" (CBE).

Turretinfan said...


Based on reading the article you provided, I'd be inclined to agree with you, and to take issue with Prof. Nicole on that point.

I'm sure it wouldn't be the only point at which I'd take issue with him.

By posting a link to his article on Calvin, I don't mean to endorse anything else he's written, or any other view he's advocated.


Albert said...