Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Turretin in the Top Ten?

I don't read much of the language of Indonesia, but this list (link) of theologians places Turretin in the top 10 (with Augustine taking the top spot). I doubt Turretin would approve of his own inclusion in the list, but would certainly approve of Augustine and Calvin taking positions higher than him in the list. If any of readers known Indonesian, I'd love to know whether the list is really a top theologians list, and if so - what is the criteria on which they're ordered.



Alcaff said...

Hi Turretin Fan,

The writer of that blog recommends those names in the list as the authors of Christian books that Christians should read. He's not listing the names as the top theologians of the Church per se, although I'd suppose that he seems to list them in order according to what he sees as those whose writings would help Indonesian Christians the most.

Turretinfan said...

Thanks very much, Alcaff! That's good to know.


Albert said...


The website of the International Conference of Reformed Churches says that two of its member bodies are from Indonesia. The owner of the blog, I think, is from one of them. I don't understand Bahasa Indonesia though.