Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Important Catholic Doctrinal Resource

If you are interested in what the doctrines of Rome are, this new web site (link) by the so-called "Congregation for the Clergy" is a valuable resource. Obviously, as man have pointed out, it's usefulness is really quite limited in many circumstances, due to the lack of any infallible interpretation.

Still, the web site provides a handy piece of software (Biblia Clerus - warning, that's the executable install file I linked to - total installed size, without locked modules, is between 150 - 200 MB) the content of which is mostly free, with some content requiring a password (presumably those are portions that are either (a) under copyright or (b) we will not speculate openly the alternative reason).


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Carrie said...

Good find!

I have added the link to my sidebar. Thanks for sharing.