Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ergun Caner Awards

I've previously discussed Ergun Caner's books (link to discussion). What I did not note is that some claim distinction, according to Ergun Caner's website (link to website).
  1. "Unveiling Islam nominated for the Gold Medallion Award. In Fall 2003, The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association awarded the Gold Medallion to Unveiling Islam in the Missions and Evangelism category" (verified - received in 2003).

  2. "VOICES BEHIND THE VEIL nominated as a finalist for ForeWard [sic] Magazine’s Book of the Year Voices Behind the Veil was selected as a finalist for ForeWard [sic] Magazine’s Book of the Year in the Religion Category for 2004!!!" (not found in list for 2004)(found in the list for 2003)

  3. "MORE THAN A PROPHET nominated for Outreach Book Awards OUTREACH MAGAZINE named More Than a Prophet as a finalist for the Best Outreach Resource of 2003!" (I could not find any definitive list of 2003 finalists, to either confirm or deny this claim.)
This is probably not that helpful, but I've included it simply for the sake of being thorough.


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Anonymous said...

Latest telling quote from Ergun Caner posted on FBC Jax Watchdog:

Ergun Caner at the 2009 "Xtreme Winter Festival" in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

"Let me be very clear. They are not undocumented aliens. They are illegal criminals. I came into this country legally. I stood in the line. And so I say to all the immigrants who come in - I get a lot of immigrant who are, who are uh, students in the seminary, I go "God bless you." I just want to tell you three things: pay ya taxes, learn English, and shut up and quit whining - because - everytime you come here - everytime you come to this country and you say [mocking a foreign accent] "Um, we like America we want to come to this country, let us speak our language" - you are ruining it for the rest of us!

I had to stay out of school for one year, to learn English. I got held back a year, because my English was so poor. I could learn it, and I'm an adult, anybody can learn it."

The guy just can't help himself. He is a serial liar.