Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Evidence for Young Earth Creationism

There is no need for further evidence for Young Earth Creationism (YEC), since Scripture speaks clearly via the Creation account (one week) and the Old Testament genealogies. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see evidence of YEC, such as this article and especially the photograph contained therein (link).

What does this demonstrate? It demonstrates that parallel divergence within a kind is part of the inherent genetic (and genomic) flexibility God created animals to have. The remarkable difference in size (about a factor of ten in the single dimension of height, and much greater of consider the true three-dimensional difference) is attributable to dogs having very flexible genetics.

Ah well, the problem with evidence is that one needs a framework in which to view it.

The best framework is inspired revelation, namely (for us, living in these last days) Scripture.


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Turretinfan said...

Incidentally, this post is not a platform as to a debate on whether or not there is evidence against YEC.

A studious reader will recognize that, given the proper framework, there cannot be evidence against YEC.