Friday, November 09, 2007

Warning: Limited Atonement Ahead

Interestingly, a few (apparently three) or so folks have agreed to discuss the doctrine of what is sometimes referred to as "Limited Atonement" with me. One would like to see my strongest argument first, one would like to see my strongest proof text first, and one would like me to show the doctrine clearly from Scripture. I'll be providing a first response shortly, D.V. within the next week.

Meanwhile, I'm finishing up my conclusion to the Sola Scriptura vs. Eastern Orthodoxy debate over at the debate blog. Once I've posted my conclusion, that debate will finally be over, and I can turn to these two/three.

Considering that Dave Armstrong continues to falsely assert that I have declined to debate his topic, I plan on treating Dave's misrepresentation as a constructive withdrawal of the offer from his side. No further comment is needed at this time.

The Monergism debate is currently on hold, because the other participant has temporarily become too busy. Hopefully, that debate will continue to progress before the end of the year.

Additionally, GodIsMyJudge has offered to debate on Romans 9, and I hope to take up that offer in the new year, once I have responded to Paul and KoD, as well as a few other readers on a few other things.

To God be the glory!



Seth McBee said...

Sounds good...should be a good conversation...

Carrie said...

I second Seth.