Thursday, November 08, 2007

Would it make a difference?

Suppose I can show you that Scripture teaches some particular doctrine (for example, that Jesus died only for the elect, that it is wrong to make images of God, or that we should not try to communicate with the dead). Would it make a difference? Would you be willing to submit to God's word on that issue? Would your church's opinion matter if Scripture was clear?

If the answer is "yes," to the first question great. If the answer is "no," please let me know what your answers to the other questions are.



Turretinfan said...


Your comments that tried to look behind the questions and then ask a different question are not quite on topic.

If you want to answer the questions, go ahead. If you do not want to, that's fine too.


Turretinfan said...


I got your comment, but I think you misread the question.

I encourage you to read the question again.

I am not asking whether you already agree or disagree with the particular doctrines, but whether you would be willing to submit to God's word if I could show you that Scripture clearly taught that doctrine.