Monday, November 05, 2007

The Results of Forbidding to Marry

I note that while Roman Catholic readers may be scandalized by the content of this link (link), it is worth noting that there is nothing inherently wrong in romantic attraction between a single man (even a man serving God) and a widow. In fact, Paul commanded young widows to marry, and ordained that bishops be husbands of one wife.

Now, presumably there is something darker hinted-at behind what is written, but I think that consistent Roman Catholics would be dissatisfied by "Fr." Francis Mary on account of merely what is written, and not what is hinted-at. It is the logical result of the heresy of forbidding men who purportedly serve God from marrying.



Turretinfan said...

Orthodox wrote: "We need to be accurate here that nobody is forbidden to marry."

Actually, the Roman Catholic church does forbid its priests, bishops, monks, and nuns to marry.

Like it or not, Orthodox, that is the fact.

That's why the situation is scandalous to Roman Catholics.


Alex said...

The Catholic Church is actually 22 Churches with the main one being the Roman Catholic Church all in union with the Pope (who does not have to be from the Latin Rite).

The Catholic Church in all of the other rites and churches (sui juris) allow priests (as long as they marry BEFORE marriage, are not hierarchical, and not monastic)

This is a scandal I rejoice in as it is not criminal, it is natural, it is an adult woman, and heterosexual. He should of not broke his vows but attraction can happen.

The Latin Rite Catholic Church should look at allowing priests to marry.

Turretinfan said...


Good point - there is an exception for the priests of many (if not all) of the Latin rites.

Your statement "marry BEFORE marriage" should be understood as "marry before ordination."