Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Persecution or Sound Judgment

The motivation behind this investigation (link) is unclear. I'd like to think that it is a proper recognition that those under investigation are not true ministers of the gospel, but I'm concerned that it may be an attempt to go after what is perceived to be Christianity.

What think ye?


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TheoJunkie said...

It appears that the Senator initiated the investigation at the prompting of one Mr. Anthony, of the "Trinity Foundation". After a **cursory** scan of the Trinity Foundation site (including the statement of faith and some browsing in linked "projects" like the It would seem to me that it would be "Sound Judgment".

I realize that anyone can say anything on their websites, but there is a quote from (the late) Mike Yaconelli on the Wittenburgdoor website about Mr. Anthony, that-- if true-- would be supportive that Mr. Anthony is what he says he is... someone who is trying to keep "the Church he loves" in line. (While I might not agree with Mike Yaconelli on all points theology, I would affirm that he was a Christian and not a persecutor).

Now... as to Grassley (sp?)... I don't know.